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Bang for Your Buck: Picking the Right Series of Cerakote

Most Cerakote jobs we do end up including discussion about the various types of Cerakote available. Its an important discussion to have, because its best to look at the purpose and environment of the coating to decide which one to go with to maximize getting what you paid for. Instead of pointing you to Cerakote’s […]

Honoring the Fallen

Scattered Rock Armory cares deeply about our Military members and we never take for granted the ultimate sacrifice many in each branch have given to this country. They put their lives ahead of political rhetoric; this is something we all should aspire to do. This Memorial Day, we do what we can not only for […]

ATF eForms Are No Sweat

As a Class III shop (SOT shop), we are often asked what it takes to buy a suppressor/silencer/”can”. For the uninitiated/uneducated, it looks to be a daunting task. Let’s start with the basics. Yes, in Texas, you can own suppressors/silencers. We own several for various purposes, and they are very useful from plinking to hunting […]

(Usually) Golden Tickets

We’re thankful for every one of our customers and the unique asks they bring us. These asks allow us to expand and hone our skillset. And as part of this skill expansion, we’ve been able to do two things. First, we’re now able to offer coin/marker engraving service. And secondly, we use these to create […]

Colors Make the World Go Round

Here are SRA, we love colors. We have every color of Cerakote on hand. That’s over 170 colors. Yes, its true, feel free to ask for proof. But now we are taking colors to the next level via our laser equipment. After much fiddling, we’ve got lots of colors dialed in for stainless and titanium. […]

Fire The Laser!

After a month of waiting for build and delivery, our laser engraving machine was finally delivered. And after a few weeks of test-driving, we’re comfortable with it. The unit is a 60 watt MOPA fiber laser. What does that mean to you? Several things actually. In the bigger picture, it means this isn’t your bottom-end […]

What’s in a name?

One of the questions we’ve been asked in our short existence is the history behind naming the business “Scattered Rock”. The short answer is that is the name of our ranch as well. Why? Because in the Texas Hill Country, there are limestone rocks scattered everywhere. They just grow out of the ground. Yep, deep […]

And here we go…

After years of deciding if we should go through with it, we took the plunge. This blog post is the first of (hopefully) many, but also serves to let you know about us, and why we think we’re different. Our company values are quality, transparency and fairness. Perfectionists by nature, we cannot put our name […]