What’s in a name?

One of the questions we’ve been asked in our short existence is the history behind naming the business “Scattered Rock”. The short answer is that is the name of our ranch as well. Why? Because in the Texas Hill Country, there are limestone rocks scattered everywhere. They just grow out of the ground. Yep, deep thoughts, we know, but it sounds catchy to us.

Our ranch has been our main love for years. We love the seclusion, the target shooting, the hunting, the animals, the stars. One of our favorite moments was when our city-raised son saw the milky way for the first time. We love the simple life that it provides, and with the constant growth of the cities, we hope everyone has a chance to take part in something similar in their lifetime before its all gobbled up by planned neighborhoods.

We raise exotic animals because its a joy to watch good genes grow up and be passed on. Take this Axis buck for example. After all the years and thousands of dollars in feed for them, this is as close as I have come to pulling the trigger on one. The return of our investment isn’t the meat; its the journey of witnessing that animal be what it is.

Hogs on the other hand, we happily cull every last one we see. There are few things more exciting than to hunt hogs at night with a thermal scope mounted a suppressed rifle. They think they are safe in the dark and/or in the fog, but thermal says otherwise. And that is part of why we started this business; we want others to be able to access a good rifle, a good suppressor, a good scope, at a good price, to have money for that ranch or that hog hunt. And if we can customize that rifle to make you proud to shoot it and show it off at the same time, well, that’s just a bonus for us.

Happy hunting in life!