Can I ship my firearms or NFA items directly to you for work?

Legally yes. As we are FFL holder and Class 2 Dealer/Manufacturer, it is legal to ship them to us, and us ship them back to you. However, commercial shipping companies have their own regulations:

FedExAll firearms must go through FFLs both ways.
UPSAll firearms must go through FFLs both ways.
US Postal ServiceOnly long guns can be sent to FFLs and returned directly to owner. No handguns or NFA devices allowed.

In other words, in most cases, you will need to have your local FFL ship us your firearms or NFA devices, and we will have to send it back to that FFL.

Can I drop off or pick up my items at your shop?

Yes, of course! If you are local to us here in Central Texas, contact us to make an appointment for drop off or pick up.


How do I have something coated by you?

The process starts with contacting us either through an online request or a phone call to describe what you wish to have done. We then talk it out together, and we provide a work quote and a slot in the schedule. If you agree, you send us the item(s) and we do the work. Once done we email you pictures of the work along with an invoice. Once you approve and pay, we ship the item back.

What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround time varies for a couple of reasons. The most common reason is complexity of the job. If its just a single color application of an oven cure color, then turnaround is usually 2-3 business days. If its a complex camo pattern then turnaround can be up to a week while the work is done. In addition to work complexity is the choice of colors or Cerakote type. C-Series Cerakote requires an air cure of at least 48 hours to let the coating cure enough to be able to be worked with or shipped back to you.

Do any colors or series cost extra?

No. We know some shops charge extra for colors not commonly used, but we do not do that here. We keep every single color and variant of Cerakote on hand (yes, that’s 200+ bottles, but we have them), which allows us to tackle a job without needing to spend money to have a color or two quickly shipped to us for a job.

Can you make a color more metallic or color changing?

Yes! We have many techniques to do anything from simple metallic, to color changing, to even ghost colors that only appear under bright light. We can even create glow-in-the-dark colors in some cases. See our Instagram for some examples.

Will you disassemble or reassemble my firearm?

We can do either or both, however, we do charge an hour gunsmith fee for disassembly or reassembly. Contact us for more specific needs.

Laser Engraving

Can you apply a serial number to my Privately Made Firearm?

Yes we can! Note that there are special considerations due to ATF Rule 2021R-05F that went into effect August 24 2022, which require the serial number to include part of our FFL number for traceability.

Can you engrave trust info onto my firearms and suppressors?

Yes we can! You can directly send us your firearms or suppressors to have the trust info applied.

Can you engrave my Form 1 suppressor or SBR?

Yes! Once you have your tax stamp, you can send us your suppressor, or just the tube, or SBR, or just the lower, and we can engrave the required information on it.

What are the engraving requirements?

The ATF requires that the manufacturer name, location, and caliber be applied. If its an SBR built off a commercial firearm, then the firearm manufacturer name and location is used, along with the caliber if not different. If its a Form 1 suppressor, then you (or your trust) is the manufacturer, and that is applied along with location.

Per 27 CFR 478.92, the ATF’s requirements for engraving are letters that are at least 1/16 of an inch (1.57mm) tall (1.57mm) and at least .003 inches (0.0762mm) deep.

Can you do custom engraving on a firearm?

Yes! If you have text or an image, we can look at it and tell you how it will come out. We can even go as far as do a test engraving on a block of aluminum. If you have an idea in mind, we can work with you to turn it into a digital image and then its just a matter of letting right laser do its jog.

What is a suppressor Index Mark?

Attaching a suppressor to a firearm usually shifts the Point of Impact (POI) of the bullet. To make sure the firearm holds its zero, the suppressor needs to be attached the same way each time. The best way to verify that is occurring is having a reference mark on the body of the suppressor. We achieve this by engraving a thin line on the suppressor body, usually at the 12 o’clock position when attached to the firearm. This allows you to visually check the suppressor is attached the same way each time.

What is your turnaround time for engraving my NFA item?

Items usually go out same or next day. It takes 5-6 minutes to set up a lower or suppressor for engraving and 10-15 seconds for the laser to engrave the item.

Can you engrave onto other things like Yeti cups or wood or plastic?

Yes, our shop is set up with several different laser systems that each have their material specialties. We can engrave onto just about any material.

NFA Sales & Transfers

Do you handle NFA transfers?

We do. Contact us for more info on that process.

Can I have my suppressors shipped to you for pickup once approved?

Yes! And if you use Silencer Shop, you can directly select us as your dealer.

Can you help me with a Form 1 application?

We understand that first Form 1 submission is daunting and you want to make sure to get it right to avoid the approval taking longer than it already does. As such, we are happy to provide guidance on what is necessary for the application.

Do I need to wait until the ATF approves my application to get my NFA item engraved?

No, you can engrave anything you want at any time. Just don’t have all the pieces and assemble it until the tax stamp is in your hands.

Firearm Sales & Transfers

If I buy a firearm online from another dealer, can I have it shipped to you for pickup?

While not our specialty, we can receive your internet purchase, and have you come in and fill out the 4473. Contact us to obtain a copy of our FFL if not already on file with the selling dealer.

Can I come into your shop and look at different firearms?

No. We are not a traditional gun store; we are a gunsmith service. As such, we don’t stock various firearms on hand. That said, if you do find a firearm you like, we are happy to look to see if we can get it for you at a good price and have you come in and pick it up.


What is your pricing?

Pricing varies for each job. To get an idea of what a job might cost, refer to the pricing table in each service page for examples. If you want a detailed or exact quote, contact us to arrange it. We’re happy to quote out work for free.

Why are your prices so much cheaper than other places?

We have the luxury of having a dedicated shop on our own property. As such, our overhead costs are considerably lower than other shops renting commercial space and needing to turn a take-home profit off each job to pay their home bills. More importantly, we’re not doing this to make a large profit. We do it because we enjoy it, and want you to be able to enjoy the outcome without worrying as much about the cost.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer three main types of discounts. First, repeat customers get repeat discounts. The more you shop with us, the more we discount. Second, we highly value the service of military and first responders. To show our appreciation of their service, all military, active, reserved, and retired, as well as any active first responder, receive:

-10% off all Cerakote and custom laser engraving work

-Free firearm transfers

-Free engraving of NFA items

We ask you provide us evidence of which category you are, for example a DD-214 or badge or hospital ID.

Third, charity group are eligible for various discounts. For example, we have been known to do a Cerakote job for free for a charity rifle. Our goal is to give back to those that support is, and more importantly, support our communities and our country.