Honoring the Fallen

Scattered Rock Armory cares deeply about our Military members and we never take for granted the ultimate sacrifice many in each branch have given to this country. They put their lives ahead of political rhetoric; this is something we all should aspire to do.

This Memorial Day, we do what we can not only for the fallen service members, but those First Responders as well. Their sacrifice is just as great.

Many businesses use the holiday to offer sales or discounts. Not here, and for two reasons:

1.) We don’t believe this is a holiday that should be cheapened by such heartstring-tugging gimmicks to make a (discounted) buck.

2.) Every day, all year long, Scattered Rock Armory offers Military and First Responders free firearm transfers and NFA engraving, and a discount on all other services.

That’s every day of the year. Because their sacrifice deserves to be honored every day of the year.

And we take our profits and give back to various charities that work with Military and First Responders. Every charity or association that has dialed our phone and asked for a monetary donation has immediately received one. We don’t do this and mention it to try earn your business; we do it and mention it to inspire others to do the same.

So this Memorial Day, we hope you pause for a long while and think about the sacrifices of our military, and as well as our first responders. We ask you to pray for all those that have served and are still serving. Whether its overseas (where our little brother is), or on the borders, coast, or the thin blue and red lines here at home.

In closing, on this Memorial Day, we ask you to find a way to honor those that have sacrifice either some or all for us. If you were thinking about using our services, use this day to donate that money to any of the reputable charities for these individuals. Honor their service and aspire to meet their measure. Every day.

May everyone, regardless of political views, have a blessed Memorial Day.