Fire The Laser!

After a month of waiting for build and delivery, our laser engraving machine was finally delivered. And after a few weeks of test-driving, we’re comfortable with it. The unit is a 60 watt MOPA fiber laser. What does that mean to you? Several things actually. In the bigger picture, it means this isn’t your bottom-end laser machine. We went pretty big. First, 60 watts is at least twice the power that we’ve seen many other shops use. That means we can engrave more materials and do it faster. Secondly, a MOPA laser means we turn the laser pulse so that the engraving can be colored when the material is stainless steel or titanium. I know it sounds like a gimmick, but from a tech nerd’s perspective, its pretty cool. Take a look online for examples of what can be done. We’re still dialing some of the colors, but the primaries are locked in.

All that said, the most important point of this announcement is that we can do your NFA engraving quickly, and at a cost lower than any other shop we’ve seen offer it, because we enjoy doing it. And if you want to drop your items off in person, you are welcome to stay and watch for free. We’ll even provide the safety glasses. 🙂