(Usually) Golden Tickets

We’re thankful for every one of our customers and the unique asks they bring us. These asks allow us to expand and hone our skillset. And as part of this skill expansion, we’ve been able to do two things. First, we’re now able to offer coin/marker engraving service. And secondly, we use these to create our reusable discount coins:

These are coins are made of either brass, copper, stainless or titanium and each is a labor of love. Each will have a varying degree of discount on the back. While they help advertise some of our abilities, their real function is to thank customers for trusting us with their ask. So if you acquire one of these (usually) golden tickets, simply redeem the discount by including it with the parts on your next job. Or give it to a friend for them to use on their first job with us!

These types of coins also make excellent golf markers, so if you are an avoid player, allow us to create custom markers for you. Or if poker is more your thing, take your poker night to a whole new level with custom metal poker chips.