Cerakote Services

Scattered Rock Armory is a Certified Applicator providing high-quality finishing of items. With over 180 colors and variants on-hand, and a stencil cutter on site, we can make your request a reality very quickly.

Our Process

The very first step is to contact us via the form at the bottom of this page to tell us what you are looking to have done. With that info we generate a price quote that details the work. Once everything looks good, ship your items via appropriate means. We do not ask for deposits; payment is due at the end before we ship everything back to you. If you are sending a firearm, you can send it directly to us, but we request you send it disassembled unless special arrangements have been made beforehand for us to disassemble on site.

When we receive your items, we degrease everything, plug holes to keep blast media out of internals and blast surfaces to prepare the coating. Unlike some other companies that just rough up the anodized finish, we completely remove it to maintain more uniform color and material thickness. All blasting uses 120 grit AlOx for a smoother surface when finished.

After that, the parts are thoroughly cleaned, rinsed in fresh acetone, inspected, and then racked in various ways to minimize “witness marks”; the small surface areas that will not get the finish because the part was hung at that point. We take great care and pride in racking parts; most will not have a witness mark at all! The parts are then heated to make sure no oils remain. Oils are the enemy of a good finish.

Once cooled, the parts go into the spray room and the real excitement begins as the finish is applied using only Anest-Iwata guns and airbrushes, utilizing stencils and masking as needed to meet your desired look. After a finish layer is applied, parts left to “gas off” for 30 minutes, which allows the finish to settle smoothly on the parts. This is where some other shops will start the next job, but not us; we’re focused on your job until it is on done.

Oven cured parts will then go into the curing oven for various temperatures and times depending on the type of part. Air cured parts hang for at least 24 hours at a steady 80F. If your job requires pattern work with multiple colors, we spray, gas off and tack cure each layer. We prefer to do slower cures at lower temps to not shock the parts and applied finish. It takes longer, but just like a good slow-smoked Texas brisket, the extra time and effort makes the outcome worth it.

After curing, the parts are test-fitted or assembled per agreement, and pictures of the final result will be emailed to you to make sure you are happy before you receive the parts. Finish thickness is sampled with our electronic thickness test tools to ensure a uniform finish that meets application min/max requirements. Those readings will be provided to you with your items. We know of no other shop that goes to this extent to ensure a quality job.

Make sure to check out our gallery to see what we have done for others and what we can do for you.

When you are ready to have to your work, or have additional questions, contact us for the next steps!

Our Pricing

Our “Break Even” pricing reflects our mission; provide you with a quality service while keeping our dream alive. Prices listed here are to give you an idea of what to expect to pay for a job and to compare with other companies. The full quote we provide will be the honored price.

Pistol – Slide or Frame – Single Color$60
Pistol – Barrel – Single Color$20
Pistol – Up To All Parts Above – Single Color$100
Pistol Small Parts – Any Count$15
Pistol – Magazine – Single Color$15
Pistol – Pattern Work – Up to 3 colors (Camo, Stripes, etc.)$190
Pistol – Additional Color or Clear Coat$20 each
Pistol – Decal, Insignia, Shapes, etc.$20 each
Rifle – Receiver Single Color $70 each
Rifle – Barrel$40
Rifle – Stock (Butt or Long) or Handguard$40
Rifle – Up To All Parts Above – Single Color$150
Rifle – Small Parts – Any Count$30
Rifle – Magazine – Single Color$20
Rifle – Pattern Work – Up to 3 colors (Camo, Stripes, etc.) $245
Rifle – Additional Color or Clear Coat$30 each
Rifle – Decal, Insignia, Shapes, etc.$25 each
Tumbler/Cup – Single Color$25 (+$15 if not providing tumbler)
Tumbler/Cup – Pattern Work – Up to 3 colors (Camo, Stripes, etc.)$75 (+$15 if not providing tumbler)
Tumbler/Cup – Additional Color or Clear Coat$20 each
Tumbler/Cup – Decal, Insignia, Shapes, etc.$20 each (+$15 if not providing tumbler)
Military or First Responder Discount (must provide ID to receive)%10 off
Return shipping (Estimate)$30